Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why are we created?


Before we go to the reasons for our creation by God, it is more proper for us to know whether there is the Creator. We all know that the Creator is God and we called Him Allah and He tells us about Himself in His Book the Quran. Although He is Unseen we still believe in Him because we believe in His Book, The Quran which He inspired to His righteous servant the Prophet Muhammad (AS) in which He said:

Here is a Message for mankind: Let them take warning there from, and let them know that He is (no other than) One Allah: let men of understanding take heed. (Surah 14:52)

Do they not consider the Qur'an (with care)? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy. (Surah 4:82)

"Verily, I am Allah: There is no god but I: So serve thou Me (only), and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise: "Verily the Hour is coming - My design is to keep it hidden - for every soul to receive its reward by the measure of its Endeavour. (Surah 20:14-15)

There are several reasons given in the Book of God the Quran why are we being created. Mankind was created for good purposes and we should be thankful to God for being in this world. Below are some of the good purposes for our creation:

To be taught to learn new knowledge

The first reason is that God wish to teach mankind new knowledge which He has not taught any other creatures before us and the following verses illustrate the event:

Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: "I will create a vicegerent on earth." They said: "Will Thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood? While we do celebrate Thy praises and glorify Thy holy (name)?" He said: "I know what ye know not." And He taught Adam the names of all things; then He placed them before the angels, and said: "Tell me the names of these if ye are right." They said: "Glory to Thee, of knowledge We have none, save what Thou Hast taught us: In truth it is Thou Who are perfect in knowledge and wisdom." He said: "O Adam! Tell them their names." When he had told them, Allah said: "Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of the heaven and the earth, and I know what ye reveal and what ye conceal?" (Surah 2:30-33}

To test the obedient and subservient of His other created beings.

The other good reason why we are created is to expose the character of arrogance of His other created beings and this is seen when Iblis of the Jinn kind showed how he failed the test and exposed his egoistic nature and displayed his arrogance by disobeying the command of his Creator. The following verse shows who failed:

Assuredly it is thy Lord Who will gather them together: for He is perfect in Wisdom and Knowledge. We created man from sounding clay from mud moulded into shape;
And the Jinn race, We had created before, from the fire of a scorching wind. Behold! Thy Lord said to the angels: "I am about to create man, from sounding clay from mud moulded into shape; "When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down in obeisance unto him." So the angels prostrated themselves, all of them together: Not so Iblis: he refused to be among those who prostrated themselves. (Allah) said: "O Iblis! What is your reason for not being among those who prostrated themselves?" (Iblis) said: "I am not one to prostrate myself to man, whom Thou did create from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape." (Allah) said: "Then get thee out from here; for thou art rejected, accursed. And the curse shall be on thee till the Day of Judgment.” (Iblis) said: "O my Lord! Give me then respite till the Day the (dead) are raised." (Allah) said: "Respite is granted thee "Till the Day of the Time appointed." (Surah 14:25-38)

We are created to be credited with some of His spirits.

The other good purpose for the creation of mankind is that we are to receive some of His spirit which is hearing, sight and feeling and these faculties are to be utilized for the good of mankind and it is given for a specific period of the live of each mankind. The following verses revealed this favor from God but have to be used for good and justice and it is for a time appointed:

But He fashioned him in due proportion, and breathed into him something of His spirit. And He gave you (the faculties of) hearing and sight and feeling (and understanding): little thanks do ye give! (Surah 32:9)

Verily your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority), regulating and governing all things. No intercessor (can plead with Him) except after His leave (hath been obtained). This is Allah your Lord; Him therefore serve ye: will ye not receive admonition? To Him will be your return- of all of you. The promise of Allah is true and sure. It is He Who begin the process of creation, and repeat it, that He may reward with justice those who believe and work righteousness; but those who reject Him will have draughts of boiling fluids, and a penalty grievous, because they did reject Him. (Surah 10:3-4)

With these faculties of knowledge and senses we are commanded to worship and serve Him alone and follow His command and at the end of the appointed time He will judge us whether we are worthy of His favor and mercy to be in the category of those chosen to be in bliss for eternity. The good is rewarded with garden while the bad will land him in hell:

I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me. (Surah 51:56)
O ye people! Worship your Guardian-Lord, who created you and those who came before you, that ye may have the chance to learn righteousness; Who has made the earth your couch, and the heavens your canopy; and sent down rain from the heavens; and brought forth therewith fruits for your sustenance; then set not up rivals unto Allah when ye know (the truth). And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a chapter like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides Allah, if your (doubts) are true. But if ye cannot- and of a surety ye cannot- then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones, which is prepared for those who reject faith. But give glad tidings to those who believe and work righteousness, that their portion is Gardens, beneath which rivers flow. Every time they are fed with fruits there from, they say: "Why, this is what we were fed with before," for they are given things in similitude; and they have therein companions pure (and holy); and they abide therein for ever. (Surah 2:21-25)

Therefore there is no excuse of not worshipping God alone as He has given adequate reminders and examples to be guided to the right path and take a look at Adam what he did when he made a mistake and seek God forgiveness as shown by the following verses:

We said: "O Adam! Dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden; and eat of the bountiful things therein as (where and when) ye will; but approach not this tree, or ye run into harm and transgression." Then did Satan make them slip from the (garden), and get them out of the state (of felicity) in which they had been. We said: "Get ye down, all of you, with enmity between yourselves. On earth will be your dwelling-place and your means of livelihood - for a time." Then learnt Adam from his Lord words of inspiration, and his Lord turned towards him; for He is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful. (Surah 2:35-37)

They said: "Our Lord! We have wronged our own souls: If thou forgive us not and bestow not upon us Thy Mercy, we shall certainly be lost." (Surah 7:23)

We said:"Get ye down all from here and if, as is sure, there comes to you guidance from Me, whomsoever follows My guidance, on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve. "But those who reject faith and belie Our signs, they shall be companions of the fire, they shall abide therein." (Surah 2:38-39)